Of Chimps, Chumps & Champs

obamachimppicWell, it looks like the NY Post has gone ahead and apologized for the boneheaded-at best-editorial cartoon they published the other day.  I think we can all agree that there’s been more than enough hand wringing over the situation but I do have a few thoughts-


*First of all, someone’s lying.  There’s no way that, even if you buy there was no malicious black people/Obama/monkey intent based on just being, y’know, American that no one in the editorial process didn’t think of the Obama/monkey angle after the two years of primaries and Internet whisper campaign we just went through.  Someone got it.  But, at best, they just didn’t care.

*The rule’s worth mentioning again though: no black people-monkey jokes.  Ever.  Now, no one’s saying you can’t say them but don’t be surprised/upset/aghast when people get pissed about it.

*Y’know, people give Al Sharpton shit but, my question is always; if he didn’t raise the issue, who would?  The funny thing about the Post’s apology is that, while they acknowledge the racist message that people got, they want to be mad at Sharpton for pointing it out.  So, in their own words, they’re really just mad that they got called out.  Excuse me if I don’t feel bad for them.

*John Legend wrote a really poised and intelligent open letter.  I have to say, one of the delights of the past election has been watching Legend become an activist/artist.  It’s a good look for him.  (And, as someone who despises post- Bridging The Gap, Black Eyed Peas music, I’ve also really dug Will.I.Am.)  As I grow more into Grumpy Old Guy every day, it does my heart good to see young cats rise up.


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