madea11So, in the midst of the yearly spectacle of the Hollywood Establishment patting itself on the back, the real movie irmahall4story that caught my eye was the fact that Tyler Perry’s newest film, Madea Goes To Jail, not only opened at number one, but broke a record for Perry, making $41 million.  Frankly, they’re just not good movies but Perry’s mostly older, mostly black, mostly female supporters eat it up.  And I’m not buying the theory that they love it because of its “positive messages.”  Positivity and church talk don’t equal Tyler Perry box office success.  Ask T.D. Jakes or David E. Talbert.  There’s something about Perry that pull these old black ladies in.  Here’s my question: would this audience love the movies as much if, instead of displaying the ridiculous spectacle of Perry in drag, Madea was was played by an actual older black actress like Irma P. Hall?  And, if not, why?


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