Shelf Space

Things have finally reached their limit in the Geek Suite.  I’m completely out of shelf space for both my soft cover and hardback trades and graphic novels.  I think its time to seperate stuff with an additional shelf.  I’m going to do what I’ve seen many comic shops, as well as, the books stores and put all of my manga on its own shelf.  In theory, I’m against this; I think everything should just be alphabetized in one group.  However, I sort of see the logic behind having the manga by itself because it is a completely different sensibility to the art form.  I’m not even a huge fan but the few series I’ve collected/follow-The Drifting Classroom, Mail, Yotsuba&!, etc-all exhibit a narrative style and form, as well as, have a sense of exuberance and energy that makes them more than just Japanese versions of the American form of comics.  So, now, I’m on the hunt for a little book shelf.  I guarantee there will be more to this line of conversation…


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