Maybe We Need A Cat Whose Last Name Isn’t, “Steele”

So, for the record, I have grudging respect for Shelby Steele.  For the most part, I find him to be a thoughtful and intelligent proponent of African-American conservatism.  And I agree with him about 85%  of the time in his piece in today’s Wall Street Journal.  Like Steele, I also believe that a large part of liberalism is dependent on the fetishizing of black victimization but, like the vast majority of commentators who lament the lack of minority and, specifically, black participation in the Republican party, Steele does not even acknowledge the long and well documented openly hostile behavior the organization has had towards black people.  Until I see a Republican/conservative representative candidly discuss-not apologize, just friggin’ acknowledge- the movement of the so-called “Dixiecrats” to the GOP as well as the racist code of the  80’s Republican memes such as the “Cadillac welfare queens” and the demonization of poor black men, I can’t take any outreach seriously.


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