It’s a shame that it has been a month since I posted and the last thing I wrote about was a Michael-less Jacksons album. And here we are.

I’m still a little in shock but the first few things that are on my mind-

-At least the freakshow is over. I know it’s going to be some foolishness with the toxicology report and, probably, some madness about who gets the kids but, at least, new ongoing Mike dumb sh#$ is done and, eventually, people will focus on the music.

-You know what’s really amazing to me? How people are genuinely surprised by how much they’re wrecked. Like, I’m looking at papers and TV and young, hip, ironic cats who, two days ago, wouldn’t be caught dead claiming Jackson are fell out in the streets trying to get themselves together.

-I’ll go ahead and call it; I don’t need to hear the songs, “Thriller,” “Billie Jean” or “Beat It” ever again. The media acts like that is the sum total of what that man’s done. One of the enduring memories for me from this period will be the CNN footage showing the impromptu gathering at the Apollo last night where a crowd of black people started singing “Rock With You”…because black people are Off The Wall people.

-Conversely, watching videos, you forget just how long Mike made good music. Again, folks act like he stopped making records afterThriller. “Man in the Mirror”, “Remember the Time,” “Smooth Criminal,” “Another Part of Me,” that friggin’ “Butterflies”; Mike’s catalog is long and deep.


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