No, Really? Henry Louis Gates?

Y’know, racism/non-racism aside, my real question is, how stupid is that policeman and the Cambridge Police Dept? Seriously, is there a more famous face at Harvard than Henry Louis Gates? And, even if there is, he’s certainly the most famous black face. Plus, plus, PLUS, let’s just be serious here; how many black faculty members could Harvard have? If I was in charge of the Cambridge PD, I would have a sheet with the pictures of all the black faculty at Harvard…all twelve of them…and I would hand them out to the officers. In fact, I bet that’s what they do now because, boy, they stepped in it with Gates! Oh, Our Kind Of People are about to put their educated foot in the police’s ass.

(I also would like to know more about the lady who again lives on a street with Henry Louis Gates but doesn’t know who he is…)


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