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And He Somehow Figured Out How To Get His Hair Done In The Past!

I think it’s fair to say that, if Bruce Leroy found himself thrust through time and stranded in the mid-19th century, he’d curl up in a fetal position and quietly sob about his lack of a paint brush?  Sho’nuff, however, never skips a beat, establishes a new identity and becomes a bad ass bounty hunter.  Advantage: Sho’Nuff.


Sho’Nuff Waits For No Man…or Woman

Another reason Sho’Nuff is better than “Bruce” Leroy?  Well, as much as we’ve established that the Shogun of Harlem is a scholar and a gentleman, and he would indeed respect young Ms. Jackson’s wishes to slow things down in their relationships…there’s no way he would have went out like a punk and been in that video with her turning her head on him.

Reason #457 That Sho’Nuff is Better than “Bruce” Leroy

shonuff3 Sho’ Nuff would have never tried to rape Freddie and then, afterwards, grin and tell his boys that “she was a wildcat!”

“Bruce” Leroy-attempted rapist; Sho’Nuff-gentleman.

I rest my case.

Hey, It’s Friday!

shonuff2And the question that needs to be answered?  Is Sam Jackson playing Sho’ Nuff a bad idea…or the worst idea you’ve ever heard?